Report Vol.1: Double Eagle GINZA REION

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Vol.2 Alchemy Beauty (Hong Kong)

The second report on the use of REION overseas looks at Alchemy Beauty, in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Hong Kong. This popular salon offers an exclusive menu of treatments and massages to a wide range of clients pursuing health and beauty. We talked to founder and owner Ms. Luna Xu about how Alchemy Beauty uses REION.

Beauty salon in Hong Kong’s top shopping and entertainment district

 Tsim Sha Tsui is a popular area on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, whose streets are lined with hotels, shops, and restaurants. While it would be no exaggeration to say that all visitors to Hong Kong end up here at some point in their stay, this bustling district is a draw not only for tourists, but also for locals, old and young alike.
 It was in 1994 that Alchemy Beauty opened here in Tsim Sha Tsui. It provides comprehensive services of skincare treatments, including meridian massage, detoxification spa, various health promoting programmes, slimming treatments, and nail care services.
 Alchemy Beauty is dedicated to providing head-to-toe health and beauty care. Offering treatments that combine traditional skincare approaches with the latest technologies, its approach is based on the belief that comprehensive beauty is achieved by improving overall physical health, rather than tackling skin problems by focusing on the skin alone.
 Its achievements over the years have been recognized with a number of awards for both beauty and entrepreneurship. Frequently featured in magazines and on TV, Alchemy Beauty is one of the best-known salons in China, as well as in Hong Kong. Its clientele, which includes celebrities such as models and actresses, is predominantly female, but it also offers a range of treatments for men and welcomes clients of all ages, both male and female.

Promoting inner and outer beauty amid elegant surroundings

 Alchemy Beauty has two premises in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Together, their floor area extends to 8,000 m2. Boasting an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, the spacious salons are fully equipped with 16 treatment rooms, shower rooms, lockers, separate women’s and men’s areas, and make-up areas. Despite being located in the heart of Hong Kong’s characteristic hustle and bustle, the salons are tranquil spaces offering complete relaxation for both body and mind.
 Alchemy Beauty installed REION in its beautifully appointed salons in 2017. Its discovery of REION came while searching for a luxury wet towel cabinet at that year’s Cosmoprof Asia.
 The white L size REION fits into the other predominantly white appliances in the clean, uncluttered salon surroundings. Ms. Xu stresses that the decisive factor was her “trust in products made in Japan.”
 “Japanese-made products are perceived as well-designed and user-friendly, with superb functionality. REION lived up to this image. We choose REION because of its simplicity, clean design, and its color. We used to use cabinets made in China, but they would sometimes make the towels too hot and we couldn’t rely on their functional stability.”

Offering clients a hot towel to round off their treatment

 They say that hot towels are an essential tool for any beauty salon. If the towel is too rough or not warmed to a comfortable temperature, it undoes the effects of the previous treatment. Offering a wet towel that’s been warmed to a comfortable temperature is vital when bringing a treatment to a close.
 Alchemy Beauty’s staff offers clients a hot towel to wipe off their face or body after such treatments as hair removal, nail care, and Herbs Steaming Health Treatment, which uses steam to promote absorption of traditional Chinese medical herbs through the skin. The salons use only 100% cotton face towels. REION is used only in Warm mode.
 Ms. Xu says, “It’s reassuring to know that it never overheats, even after long hours of use. REION’s Air Circulation Technology® consistently keeps the towels in the cabinet at a comfortable temperature that is just right. We’re also grateful for the excellent after-sales repair service.”
 With cleanliness being a must in a salon environment, Ms. Xu also praised REION’s tight seal and easy-to-clean design. Alchemy Beauty will continue to pursue its mission of providing clients with health, beauty, and comfort. In addition, REION will continue to play a part in supporting this goal.