REION manufacturing and distribution are conducted by FSX, Inc., which has been sharing the culture of hospitality through wet towels and is based at Kunitachi City, Tokyo. Just one wet towel holds the magical power to soak away stress, allay fatigue and energize people. Only being handed a cool wet towel on a hot day, or being offered a warm wet towel can make you feel happy in addition to curing your body.
A wet towel packed with the Japanese spirit of hospitality --- it is said that its history is very old and some say it originates in the Heian Period. In the Edo Period, many inns in various locations, so it is said, used to serve water buckets and washcloths to cure the fatigue of travelers.
Our company was established in 1967 as "Fujinami Towel Service" to provide a rental wet towel service, and we have been walking our path together with the local community, being loved by many people, mainly local restaurants, based in Kunitachi City, Tokyo. In recent years, we quickly took hold of trends in society and understood the needs of consumers, and took up major challenges successively such as increasing our product lineup, developing a unique technology, establishing new dedicated departments and expanding our organizations, winning a new customer base of broader industries and expanding markets both inside and outside the country. In 2016, we changed the company name to "FSX, Inc." as a way of commemorating the our 50th anniversary and looking forward to the next 50 years. We are engaged with the "manufacturing service business" to create thrilling achievements through the expression of hospitality.

Company Name FSX, Inc.
Location 1-12-3, Izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo
Established in September 20, 1967
Registered as a company December 21, 1976
Capital ¥20,000,000
Representative Katsuyuki Fujinami
Number of employees 160
Website www.fsx.co.jp