Novel Level of Simplicity and High Performance
A New Form of Hospitality Is Born.

The simple design enables the wet towel cabinet to be located in visible areas.

If the wet towel is an expression of the Japanese culture of hospitality, we believe that the tool to store it also needs to express that hospitality.
The design, as we see it, showing no elements other than the required functions with all elements which excessively call attention to their presence totally removed, should be the most appropriate design to show off the leading star on any occasion and in any location.
Mr. Ryuichi Kozeki has been engaged with this entire process from the concept design above to the overall product design works. He is a product designer who has been involved in both domestic and overseas design activities, winning a number of design awards.
The simple presence of REION exudes grace when placed together with any interior objects, with a modest feeling that matches easily, and can be placed in locations that are visible to many.
At the same time, he created a new design that has never been used for a conventional wet towel cabinet, and one of these ideas is the dial switch, the face of REION.
The design is an "analog" type which is easy for everybody to understand at a glance, enabling easy handling and making the relationship between human and machine more friendly.
REION also incorporates its size deployment design with a modular concept. It allows various different methods of use with more simplicity, such as a side-by-side layout, stacking vertically or using multiple units at different temperatures.
The long awaited black cabinet for wet towels has also been released. The design matches with every kind of situation, enabling hospitality for a wide range of different occasions.

Regular white and peaceful black --- your choice to adapt to your location

The occasions to offer wet towels are widely versatile --- from friendly restaurants, dimly lit intimate bars, fitness clubs for adults in office areas, to spotlessly clean nail salons, medical/nursing sites and the home, and all these locations have different interiors. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a wet towel warming/refrigerating cabinet that fitted the interior design of all these stores and offices!” --- REION comes in two colors to cope with this sort of request from our customers.
First, “White,” which is easy to harmonize with different locations and has a feeling of cleanliness that matches the wet towels. And then, “Black,” which has a feeling of both grace and high-class. This lineup, the first in the industry, enables you to choose depending on your space and your taste. The surface texture of both these colors are mat finished. For this reason, the colors do not interfere with interiors which feature natural timber or decorative wall paper.
Furthermore, the two color lineup can contribute to the enhancement of service quality. While conventional wet towel cabinets are sometimes installed sometimes in locations which are not visible to the customer, the new REION with its interior-matching presence can be installed in visible locations. And we believe that the series of services which involve taking out the wet towels by opening the door and calmly handing them out should add a higher level of quality compared to more conventional services.
Of course, all models are equipped with our unique Air Circulation Technology®. REION can be harmonized with all the locations where wet towels are served, helping you to create a better hospitality environment.

Broader services by two size lineup

REION has a two model lineup with L and S sizes based on a modular concept. Both models have the same height and depth, with the width of the S model being half of the L model. With the adoption of a non-slip finish, multiple REIONs can be placed side-by-side or stacked vertically, which allows you the freedom of layout to fit any space or other requirements. Since the main body has a simple design with high operability and does not cause excessive heat, you can feel safe to use several units.
For example, when you wish to increase your wet towel capacity, you can add as many REION units as necessary, and the overall impression of simplicity will not change after adding the units. When the number of units used needs to match the time of the day or the climate, the number of units in operation can be adjusted. Or if you need wet towels of various different temperatures, you can offer towels at these varied temperatures at the same time by adjusting the REIONs' setup temperature to “Warm/HIGH,” “Warm/LOW,” and “Cool/COLD.”
By deploying the two size lineup as above, you can also vary how you use wet towels. For example, REIONs could be installed in narrow spaces where wet towels have never been installed before, such as private rooms in restaurants, powder rooms or living rooms at home, treatment rooms in beauty salons and hotel guest rooms, making the wet towels more familiar to everybody. This will allow wet towels to be offered much more easily than before.

Body with enhanced maintainability and a functional rear panel

RThe main body of the REION has been designed with full consideration given to maintainability. The main body and the inside of the cabinet both have the minimum concavo-convex shape and are of a smooth form, allowing easy maintenance in every corner. The air inlet and outlet are equipped with filters that can be removed and washed in water. The rear panel of L size comes equipped with a dedicated space for the power cable and the AC adapter so that this usually untidy looking area can appear much more well-kept.

LED lamp brightly illuminates the inside of the cabinet

“Clean wet towels deserve their own brightly lit and fresh storage.” With this concept in mind, the cabinet LED lamp is designed to light up automatically when the front door is opened. This creates an impression which causes your hand to naturally reach into the fresh towels. When installed in dimly lit spaces such as bars or private rooms, the motion of the service will not be disturbed because the space near the wet towels is bright.