Speedy cooling and warming performance --- the only operation is rotating the dial. Feel the real performance of REION yourself.

Cooling speeds of more than twice and warming speeds of max. three times before have been achieved, delivering cost reductions.

A study has been done to compare our conventional products with the newly developed Air Circulation Technology® which provides more than twice the cooling and warming speeds. The results show that the temperature of all the wet towels inside the cabinet is controlled at a speed more than twice as fast as our conventional products and homogeneously, using the REION’s Warm/HIGH mode. This enables the service offering to be provided in a shorter period of time. It was also found that the REION’s Warm/LOW mode has an energy saving effect of about 40% compared with our thermally insulating cabinets (including old warming/refrigerating cabinets) or the REION’s Warm/HIGH mode. The REION offers, in terms of thermal insulating performance, more solid operations with a higher level of precision and at a lower cost than our conventional products.

■Heating performance comparison between REION and our conventional model *1, *2, *3

■ Cooling performance comparison between REION and our conventional model *1, *4

*1 The surface temperature of the central wet towels on the upper and lower net racks was measured when 66 wet towels of 90-monme (about 340 g) were stored in a REION L size cabinet. *2 The power consumption values of the REION in Warm/LOW mode and our conventional products in warming mode were compared. *3 Based on the on-site test at an ambient temperature of 13°C and a wet towel temperature of 15°C. *4 Based on the on-site test at an ambient temperature of 27°C and a wet towel temperature of 27°C.

Intuitive and easy design of the dial switch

The dial switch plays the role of the “face” in the flat and simple design of the REION. All the switching functions are integrated in this dial allowing all the operations from a single location. Just rotating the dial can select between the three settings, “Warm/HIGH,” “Warm/LOW,” and “Cool/COLD.” Furthermore, since the LED lamp can be lit in three colors synchronized with the dial, it's easy to confirm the setting visually. This easy operation enhances the service by selecting different modes to match the Time/Place/Occasion. The LOW mode can also be used as a power saving mode, which achieved 40% of power savings compared with our old models or the REION's HIGH mode.

■ Warm/HIGH mode

Warm/HIGH mode can be used for hand uses of orthodox warm wet towels.

■ Warm/LOW mode

Warm/LOW mode can be used, in addition to standard hand uses, for body uses or cleaning uses of wet towels in such locations as beauty salons and clinics.

■ Cool/COLD mode

Cool/COLD mode can be used for cool wet towels in summer and wet towels on such occasions as after taking a bath, in hair-removing salons and cooling-down in sports facilities.

Ample capacity, solid cooling/warming

REION can store, whether L size or S size, a large number of wet towels in each cabinet space. Even when the maximum number of wet towels are stored, all the wet towels will reach the homogeneous temperature quickly due to the Air Circulation Technology®, which enables a rapid speed of service.

REION size Wet towel size Qty. per rack Total capacity
L size Wet towel/90-monme size 33 66
(Wire basket L 2-step) Face towel/220-monme size 14 28
S size Wet towel/90-monme size 15 30
(Wire basket S 2-step) Face towel/220-monme size 6 12