REION Report

REION, with its novel level of simplicity and high performance adopts a 2-size and 2-color lineup which features a unique design that fits well in any space. For this reason, it has the potential to expand the use of wet towels out of the box. Various situations where REION is actually used are presented here.

Situations in japan

Vol. 2 Chiushi Chaya

"Chiushi Chaya" is an old folk house restaurant newly opened in Yaho, Kunitachi City, famous for dishes that use large volumes of local vegetables. We interviewed them asking how REION is being used in their new restaurant and how it feels to use REION.

Vol. 1 Double Eagle GINZA

"Double Eagle GINZA" --- a multi-brand golf shop for adult golfers located in Ginza. We interviewed them asking how REION is being used in their store full of high level items and services.

Situations overseas

Vol.2 Alchemy Beauty

Located in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui, popular salon Alchemy Beauty offers an exclusive menu of treatments and massages to a wide range of clients pursuing health and beauty. We talked to owner Ms. Xu about how Alchemy Beauty uses REION.

Vol.1 Takumi Yamamoto

Lead on the front page story about the restaurant “Takumi Yamamoto” in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Interview Mr. Hidemasa Yamamoto, advisor to Takumi Yamamoto, about how REION is utilized at the restaurant serving exquisite Japanese cuisine.