By thoroughly re-examining the functional operations involved in cooling and warming wet towels, we developed our Air Circulation Technology®(patented),
bringing about dramatic improvements on basic performance.

Newly Developed Air Circulation Technology®

The newly developed Air Circulation Technology® developed only for REION (Patent No. 6143318) is the first air circulation type of refrigerating/warming system. More specifically, the air is circulated through the cabinet efficiently at a temperature controlled by our uniquely developed engine, transferring the correct temperature to the wet towels. This allows cooling and warming at speeds more than twice as fast as before, while also maintaining the towels in the cabinet at a homogeneous temperature.
Furthermore, the always circulating air in the cabinet provides the exceptional benefit that condensation finds it difficult to form. This helps to maintain the hygienic environment of the cabinet without storing water drops in the cabinet. At the same time, since the humidity level inside the cabinet is maintained, the towels will not be dried more quickly. Moreover, there are no such objects inside the cabinet as metal plates for temperature adjustment as with conventional products, and all its parts are finished with an integrated smooth body of soft surface resin. For this reason, both thermal insulation and ease of cleaning have been achieved.

Mounted with a uniquely developed core engine

A unique engine developed specifically for this product which employs a “Cooling Unit” using a Peltier device, a cooling semiconductor, and a “Warming Heater” which we developed ourselves performs proper temperature control. The engine also circulates the air inside the cabinet using cooling and warming fans to make the air homogeneous. In this way, the Air Circulation Technology® is able to perform cooling/warming control through air circulation. It has also contributed to securing in-cabinet temperature control and thermal insulation performance with high precision.

A high performance dual sensor has been adopted.

REION incorporates a dual sensor system which uses two thermistors for temperature detection, enabling it to control the temperature of the in-cabinet air and the wet towels with high precision. While it securely monitors the in-cabinet temperature, it also controls the temperature using a heater sensor.
For this reason, you can use wet towels that have been controlled at the best temperature at any time.

A seamless and integrated cabinet body structure

The cabinet body has an integrated body made of seamless plastic material. By making the air circulate more smoothly, the effect of the Air Circulation Technology® is optimized. The form of the body does not interfere with the air flow and it also improves the ease of maintenance. By securely insulating the heat by placing insulating material around the body, wet towels can be offered at a stable temperature unaffected by the external temperature.

Reliability of Made-in-Japan

Considering the importance of product life and maintainability, highly reliable Made-in-Japan parts have been positively adopted for the main parts such as the flat warming heater for the core engine and the Peltier devices. Furthermore, since unit replacement has now been enabled, repair work can be carried out rather than having to purchase the whole main unit. Manufacturer warranty is for three years, and the design ensures you will be comfortably using REION for an extended period of time.