Novel Level of Simplicity
and High Performance
A New Form of Hospitality is Born.

Warming/Refrigerating Wet Towel Cabinet with Air Circulation Technology®

“The usual image of conventional wet towel cabinets should be changed and higher performance needs to be achieved.”
This strong desire has driven us to develop a new warming/refrigerating cabinet for wet towels, “REION.”
Coming with our own totally new “Air Circulation Technology®,” this model has more than doubled* the cooling and warming speeds of with its external appearance staying as simple as ever. Power saving has also been achieved to help alleviate the environmental load.
REION has been harmonized for use in all types of locations, expanding the world of wet towel use.
It supports the heart of hospitality by calmly offering the soft touch of a wet towel.

*According to our internal data comparing REION L size and our conventional products.